everyone, meet tom strobhar.

followers, meet tom strobhar. strobhar is the founder of the corporate morality action center. the cmac is both anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage. tom strobhar also stands against domestic partner benefits, family planning, and contraceptives. planned parenthood does not report it’s … Continue reading

throwbackthursday – gambrinus libation emporium

here are some highlights of my journey to owensboro, ky – to the lovely gambrinus libation emporium {halloween-ish 2012} this place is an oasis in a desert. my current city of residence has very few bars/restaurants/lounges with a martini list … Continue reading

a cat murder mystery

yesterday was a very strange day. i spent a good portion of it lying about, eating cereal, and watching hgtv. i then proceeded to skip my shower and run some very important errands. keep in mind, i hadn’t showered the day before so with lots of deodorant and a splash of baby powder [baby powder smells somewhat nice and dries up oily hair] i was on my way. the bank. a supermarket for bathroom things. then food. all the while, i was surprised that no one scowled upon my entrance to these public places. when i say my hair was oily, i mean that i could probably squeeze out enough of the stuff to saute some veggies with..
i was finally finished with the mundane tasks of the day so i left for home. upon my arrival, i got the strange urge to explore. all day, i had talked about this fantastically relaxing bubble bath that i had plans on taking the minute i got home but all of a sudden, exploring the wooded area that is the back of my mother’s property trumped any plans to clean myself. [yes, i am living at home with my mother to save for london and my future move – it’s just the way it is] my original thought was to do a little shed hunting and i set out on this adventure, one black cat in tow.

{so many greens}

{so many greens}

the wandering started off simply enough. binks was traveling with and tripping me every step of the way. there are a lot of strange things in those acres behind the house. a dilapidated red barn, some uber creepy white storage sheds, a dip in the land where the previous owners would dump garbage (?)

binks and i stumbled across deer tracks, a massive uprooted tree [a result of a tornado that killed at least a dozen people and destroyed lots of homes in town] and a shoe.

the lost lake in a dirty shoe

{the lost lake in a dirty shoe}

this cat reminds me of nero corleone, the star character from a children’s book by elke heidenreich. i have no idea where my parents found this little gem of a book but i never really appreciated it’s storyline and content until i became an adult. i have a weird obsession for unique objects, especially books, especially children’s books. and as for nero corleone . . .

Nero was still thinking about what Robert had said long after he returned to the farm. All the time the New Year’s Eve fireworks were blasting off down in the village, all the time he lay in the hay cuddling with Rosa while she licked and polished his fur as she did every night, that sentence of Robert’s lingered in Nero’s ears. Smelling of milk and pork sausage, he tried to give her hints of a better, more gracious life, a life that one could spend on soft carpets and in warm, cozy couch corners, a life where saucers were always full and people ready to admire one for being special, a wonderfully accomplished creature, instead of just an ordinary , barely tolerated farm cat.
Nero told in great detail of his visit to the German couple, what daring it had taken to jump up onto the couch of total strangers like that. News of it spread like wildfire, and soon everyone on the farm was calling him Lionheart. Cuore di leone is how you say it in Italian, or as a name, Corleone, Nero Corleone . . . “Preceded by Don” – which means “sir” — “if you please~” he requested, and so that became his name.

nero corleone

{my little nero. he showed up as a stray kitten and has found a new home with my mother and i}

to be precise, there are two black cats that showed up and both decided to stay. the cat food we purchased probably had a big effect on their decision. i had not seen the other, more skittish cat of the two for a few days, and even though they are more than capable of taking care of themselves outdoors, i admit that i had begun to get worried.

binks and i trampled about the overgrown scenery and i occasionally stopped to snap a photo.

hollow tree

{i have always appreciated my home, growing up in indiana. there is enough untouched land to keep me feeling close to the ground, and plenty of larger cities all around, to offer the escape i need from time to time}

{love him}

{love him}

eventually, we crossed an open field and were stopped by a wall of thorny bushes and overgrown shrubbery. this unkempt madness stretched down the entire side of our property; on the other side were neighbor’s houses. with a lot of time on our hands paws, we found enough of an opening to push aside some fallen trees and climb through to the rusty barbed wire fence that marked the property line. everything is quiet when you’re alone and in the woods. i got out my phone to take more pictures and suddenly, a bit of subconscious panic set in. i saw that a man was approaching the area where i was standing and so i slowly lowered myself down, rather uncomfortably, and hovered there for a while. to my horror, he threw a small black mass into the brush and it landed about ten feet away from me. at this moment, binks booked it out of there as though he’d been struck by lightning. i remained frozen (thoughts of dead cats floating in my head) until the man had turned and walked far enough away to be out of ear range to my scrambling sounds. it was impossible to see what had been tossed over the barbed fence, i tried to find a way but every path would have me bleeding from giant thorns. my first priority was finding nero binks and i crawled back through the hole i had come from, and ran to my house. the cat was nowhere to be seen but after some calling and pleading, i saw the little furball bounding towards me from a distant place.

there are some situations where you try to tell yourself that there is nothing to be worried about, that your imagination has gotten away from you. it’s the same situation when you see (what could be) someone’s lost pet walking dangerously close to a busy road. there are people who will immediately justify the precarious situation by telling themselves that the dog/cat probably lives close by and is in no harm. there are some people who will pull over as soon as they can to do some investigating, but personally, i think that those two types of people make up all of us. it’s a decision you make and to be honest, i wish that a passerby had made a different decision when they saw panda, the puppy we had in high school. she had gotten loose during christmas break when our family was in florida, and a friend went there to let the dogs out for a walk. we cut our vacation short to look for her. after searching absolutely everywhere and every day for hours, a week after our return home, we saw her lying on the side of a road close to our house. she had been hit by a car and was no longer breathing. i think of her every time i see a wandering animal and it helps me make the right choice. to investigate.


i tried to tell myself that i had not seen what i had thought i had seen, but binks had been so fearful all of a sudden and i realized there was no way i could go about the rest of my day, not knowing exactly what i had witnessed. at that point, i grabbed a thick walking / bush-beating stick and traveled back to where i had just come from, this time a bit fearful but very, very determined. after some surveying, i found that there was an opening in the old wire fence about ten feet in the opposite direction from where the “it” had been thrown. i climbed through it, frantically looking around me for signs of another human being, and eventually was standing in the exact place that the man had been. i don’t mind getting a little dirty from time to time but i had enough sense to realize that, halfway up on the barbed fence, i should definitely not risk climbing any higher. instead, i peeked through one of it’s large gaps and that was when my stomach dropped. although far away enough, the black furry mound filled me with a number of emotions. fear. anger. sadness. and hate. i couldn’t climb the fence but the thorn bushes were no longer as big of an opposition as they had been before. i hacked at them with my walking stick, occasionally watching my back, and all the while, daydreaming of every thing i would say to this evil man and to the authorities. ten minutes later, with sticks in my hair and scratches on my cheeks, i was hovering over the scene of the crime. to my shock and confusion, although the mound was not my cat, it was an animal. a matted black chicken that looked as though it had met it’s demise many days before. law enforcement did not need to be called. there are plenty of coyotes in the area and that was a likely answer to the situation, considering the condition of the bird.

dead chicken

{i know this isn’t a pleasant picture, but you have to see why i thought this could be a cat from far enough away}

as i was taking the picture above, i realized that work was calling me. another employee had not come in and i was needed to cover the shift. “twenty-five minutes,” i said, and rushed back to the house, a lightness in my step, to throw on some work-appropriate clothing. i wondered about the real whereabouts of missing black cat #2, and lovingly said goodbye to binks. he had been a great accomplice until his desertion in the time of fear. but cats are cats. and dogs are dogs. i am the one that has the responsibility to stay and investigate. it’s my job and yours to make the right choices because the creatures around us do not have a voice. we are their voices.

and so i left for work, having not taken my bath. if you can’t imagine my filth before the day’s adventure, i hope you can picture me with debris in my hair, thorns in my clothes, and dirt on my face. i am sure that my manager regretted calling me as soon as i entered that building.

the loves i am leaving behind and why not to get a turtle

this post is for my critters. and for you, so that you can get to know an intimate part of my life! i am the luckiest person in the world that i have a mother who is not only willing, but eager to help watch over my little darlings while i am in london! [and my plants, the woman is a saint!] what can i say?
we’re both huge animal-loving freaks. so, here it goes. . .

meet, the boys.

red-eared sliders, turtles, my loves, pets

actually, they are probably female. i have just always referred to them as boys and even gave them masculine names:

samwise william
nostradamus augustus

red-eared sliders, sliders, turtles, nostradamus and samwise william

{they both have extremely unique personalities – samwise (above) is definitely the more friendly of the two! also, check out nos’ hitler stache! (below) they both swim towards me when i walk through the room}

i know that they are heart-melting and gorgeous and playful and seemingly ideal, but be warned. i purchased these guys when they were the size of quarters from a smoke shop [next to the bongs, jeez oh pete- i should have known] in florida. as it turns out, red-eared sliders are nonnative to the united states and due to a colorful history involving their invasive natures into our lakes and ponds & salmonella-related deaths [usually children], they are illegal to sell/possess/release into the wild. this confuses me. i already have them [the laws vary by state but mainly apply to turtles that are less than four inches, which mine are not] but i am essentially being told that i can’t release them nor can i keep them. what? i would like to hear what i am “supposed” to do that doesn’t involve killing them – i swear, these people don’t think these things through.
anyway, i have never had a desire to release them. although they have the lifespan of vampires and grow to be the size of trash can lids [am i exaggerating? umm, probably not] i am not the type of person that views pets as playthings or fashion accessories. i have learned, after caring for samwise and nos for five years, that they require a lot of work, a large semi-aquatic [expensive] habitat, and they will likely still be around well after i begin to have children.
unfortunately, not everyone takes on that kind of responsibility and the sad story continues. . . parents buy their children cute, little turtles and when their kids are [obviously] incapable of caring for them properly, or get sick from them, they are either killed or released into the lakes and cause a massive disrupt to the ecosystem.

{remember seeing these little habitats with the palm trees? red eared sliders were once known as the dime-store turtle and sold like crazy in the 60's and 70's - click photo for original source}

{remember seeing these little habitats with the palm trees? red eared sliders were once known as the dime-store turtle and sold like crazy in the 60’s and 70’s – click photo for original source}

i will admit, i did not do my research before getting my own sliders, but nothing infuriates me more than people’s disregard for animal-life and the exploitation of them for profit. the little plastic habitat above is practically uninhabitable- even for a baby this small. the best i can do, after realizing the error of my youthful ways, is give my animals the best possible care until the day they die and inform others of my mistake- in order to prevent this from happening again. if you are, however, willing and capable of helping a turtle that has already gone through the nightmare of pet stores, cramped living spaces, and being abandoned, there are options!

turtle adoption exists and there are sites and locations popping up all over the u.s. – just make sure to research these facilities and get references. remember, never pay for turtles. receiving some sort of payment only makes the cycle continue. here is an example of one of these adoption sites. i can’t give them my stamp of approval because i have never worked with them nor spoken to any references, but their site is reassuring and looks legit. here is another link to show you the magnitude of the problem —> turtle adoption forums.

alright, i hope i haven’t sounded preachy! this was not where i wanted to go with this post but it is so important for me to spread the word and keep you informed!
we shall now continue with “the loves i’m leaving behind
[and it’s not just turtles!]


tarantula, chupacabra, love, my pet

{chupacabra was given to me by one of my closest friends, who now lives in memphis}



chupacabra, tarantula

{she is a chilean rose-hair tarantula and is my most beautiful possession}




chupacabra, tarantula

{rose hairs are both nonvenomous and, like many eight-legged creatures, are deeply misunderstood. i have had chupa for six years and am hoping for many more. she is sometimes the tool i use to open my friends’ eyes to how lovely “spiders” really are, and how much good they do for our environment}



{kristin, the friend who gave me her on my birthday, also gave her the name "chupacabra" - it is a monster of sorts, a mexican urban legend and translates into "goat sucker," my mexican friends especially find her name to be hilarious}

{kristin, the friend who gave me chupa on my birthday, also gave her the name “chupacabra” – it is a monster of sorts, a mexican urban legend, and translates into “goat sucker” – my mexican friends especially find her name to be hilarious}

{this does seem to be kind of montrous. extraterrestrial, no doubt. this is what tarantulas do in order to get larger - it's called molting, and this is the only time in six years, that i have been a witness}

{this does seem to be kind of montrous. extraterrestrial, no doubt. this is what tarantulas do in order to get larger – it’s called molting, and this is the only time in six years that i have been a witness}



{brand spanking new! look at her gorgeous color!}

{brand spanking new! look at her gorgeous color!}



i hope you have enjoyed this little gallery of some of the creatures that i find most fascinating – my own pets. i will include a few more photos of my “boys” [probably girls] because they are cute and wonderful.

red eared sliders, turtles

{when they were tiny babies – i had to capture this because they are mirroring themselves in my favorite “superman” basking pose}

{i blinked and they had gotten so much bigger!}

{i blinked and they had gotten so much bigger!}

{nostradamus augustus - the shy turtle with the hitler stache}

{nostradamus augustus – the shy turtle with the hitler stache}

{samwise william - the lively turtle who had a severe vitamin a deficiency in the first year of his life and almost didn't make it}

{samwise william – the lively turtle who had a severe vitamin a deficiency in the first year of his life and almost didn’t make it}

uninformed as it may have been,
i will never regret the decision to bring these guys home with me!

voodoo relics or preternatural playthings??

this is the primitive doll. upon first peeking glance into booth 288 at my local flea market, i was unable to decide if i should sprinkle the ground with holy water or, quite simply, run for my life and my soul. my mother … Continue reading


today, it happened.
after two years of waiting tables at a local sushi restaurant, my “two weeks notice” was readily delivered to the manager in charge of constructing our schedules. she knew it was coming- i have been blabbering on about this trip for months now but still, during the very moment of this long-awaited discussion, the flood of words from my mouth conveyed a strange hesitance with a hint of “is this really happening?!”

the answer is, yes.
“it’s all happening”

downtown london, view from the london eye, a long way down, london 2012, olympics 2012

{taken last summer during the 2012 olympics}

i am moving there for just around four months to live with family and be the right-hand lady to my beautiful cousin, stephanie. her and eric’s lives changed dramatically [for the better!] on february 19th at around 10 pm – stephanie gave birth to their first child,
a little boy named henry.
needlesss to say, the entire extended family is elated. this is only the second baby to be born into our tight-knit clan in the last fifteen years! so, where do i come in? in the present, i am floating. i have a job that was always meant to be temporary, a home that i plan on packing up and relocating within the year, and a boyfriend who is super understanding of the opportunity that was presented to me when steph and eric offered their home and the charming english lifestyle in exchange for my help with little henry.
the word, au pair, comes to mind but we are family and this means so much more to me than an occupation would. this is my chance of a lifetime- to live in one of the most amazing cities in the world with a few of the most extraordinarily kind people that i have ever had the privilege of knowing.
and to think, we’re related!

roger rabbit at disney world, with my family, cousins, flashback

{i am the little blonde girl, obviously fearful of being eaten by roger rabbit, being held by steph.
disney world holds a special place in our family history}

this will not be my first time in london- christopher and i spent five fascinating weeks in europe last summer after a five month period of obsessively flooding trickling money into our savings accounts.


spain [ibiza]
italy [positano, rome, venice]

it was one of the best experiences of my life and i have thousands of pictures and memories to prove it. [many of which i will upload from time to time!]

in other news, my 5th generation ipod will not be making the journey this time –
sadly, it can no longer hold a charge, but when i find a new one before i leave, i will immediately begin to make playlists!

they will have names like:

the tube

journey through seven dials
this open air market
paris bound
the avett brothers
camden creepin’
car boot sale day

and they will have songs like:

bowerbirds – northern lights
ryan adams – new york, new york
spiritualized – ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space
laura marling – new romantic
the avett brothers – murder in the city
m83 – we own the sky
sigur rós – hoppipolla

and there goes my tiny music recommendation!
if you are going to explore just one of those links before moving on with your day, i greatly recommend hoppípolla by sigur rós. the rough translation goes a little something like this . . .

hendumst í hringi
höldumst í hendur
allur heimurinn óskýr
nema þú stendur

allur rennvotur
engin gúmmístígvél
hlaupandi inn í okkur
vill springa út úr skel

og útilykt af hárinu þínu
ég anda eins fast og ég get
með nefinu mínu

i engum stígvélum
allur rennvotur (rennblautur)
i engum stígvélum

og ég fæ blóðnasir
en ég stend alltaf upp

og ég fæ blóðnasir
og ég stend alltaf upp


spinning in circles
holding hands
the world is a blur
except when you’re standing

dripping wet
completly soaked
no rubberboots
running inside of us
wants to burst out of the shell

wind in
and the smell of your hair
i hit as hard as i can
with my nose

jumping into a puddle
wearing no boots
completely soaked

(dripping wet)
wearing no boots

and i get a nosebleed
but i’ll always stand up again

and i get a nosebleed
but i’ll always stand up again

their lyrics are often simple but their songs, simply amazing. the only chance i will get to see sigur rós live [christopher has several times] is at the uic pavilion in chicago, the week before i depart. we are doing everything possible to set this trip in stone as it will be our last hoorah together before the big day. no other “last hoorah” could make as much sense – our first date was an adventure very similar to this – we journeyed to chicago while we were still in the “talking” chapter of our relationship, to see lykke li at the vic theatre. that show was energetic and fun, but i don’t doubt that a few hours of sigur rós will be anything other than a holy, mind-altering feast for the ears, eyes, and soul.
i could not ask for a better kind of farewell from the states, from my home.
31 days and counting.

a shed hunter’s glory

feathers, found outside

let it be known – loud and clear – that i am a person who respects this earth and all of it’s creatures. perhaps i just watched pocahontas too many times as a child, perhaps not. the older i get, the more health conscience and ecologically responsible … Continue reading

chocolate-covered strawberries for breakfast

a huge part of finding out what you like is finding out what you don’t like. i have to be honest with you and with myself- my last post was a how to.. more specifically, a how to throw a baby shower on a budget. and while i am enjoying the real-life process of helping my friend to throw her baby shower, “how to” blogging is, quite simply, not. for. me.
and that is more than okay. just because i am obsessed with recipe and how to blogs, doesn’t mean that i should offer the same sort of creative stimulation to my followers. which.. i have none. but i will soon enough! especially after the fantastical (and secret) adventure i am planning on thursday.. muah ha ha! but enough about all that.

chocolate covered strawberries, shari's berries, berries.com

delivered to my very own front door, the white chocolate was my favorite by far!

did you know?
… did you know that when facebook recommends “giving someone a gift,” they actually mean a literal present?? i suppose i could have figured that out without having gotten one myself but as of a week ago, i have officially given and gotten one both.
although it is essentially another way for facebook to make money, actually receiving a gift [and online card] as a facebook notification, is a lot of fun! it caught me quite off guard when christopher purchased chocolate-covered strawberries {shari’s berries} and, with the help of facebook, had them sent right to my door! he could have easily done this without getting facebook involved but you never expect that one of your everyday notifications is actually a box of delicious chocolate-covered strawberries! plus, i can go back whenever i want and read the sweet note he wrote to me when he sent me the gift.

in turn, this unique gifting option helped me out tremendously when one of my closest friends had her birthday a few days after my strawberries were put in the mail for me. what did i decide to get her? (that is another cool thing- there are so many options to choose from)
but, of course, i went with this one . . .

grassland kit from facebook gifting center

if you know kristin, this was a no brainer!

here are a few pictures taken when i received my shari’s berries!

pretty turtle change dish, shari's berries, facebook gift

my turtle dish was just as excited as i was!

and now to make your mouth water . . .

from facebook gift, chocolate covered strawberries

thank you, boyfriend.
thank you, facebook.

lesson learned?
do not count on me for “how to” posts,
do count on me for scrumptious pictures of delicious food!

a dash of pooh

reminder to myself: make delicious bread pudding from scratch in very near future- then post about it!

i had no choice but to include a picture of the italian restaurant’s bread pudding – it’s my current favorite dessert and they have the best in town!

i met a friend of mine for lunch yesterday in order to help plan her ever-approaching baby shower! although i am a few years older than sidney, and nowhere near birthing my own child, i am absolutely certain that she is ready and prepared for this life-changing event and precious moment! and i am ready to tackle her baby shower and it’s itsy bitsy budget!
so, here goes my diy / nifty & thrifty / party planning guide to:

the baby shower…
on a budget!

  • firstly, firstly, firstly, it is of utmost importantance to determine the amount of money you would like to splurge on this lovely day – ours is going to be a very small amount because sidney is a practical gal and knows that with children, comes frugality! the less money that is spent before little jovie is born, means the more that they will have to put in their disney world penny-saving jar for when she is older! smart move, sid!
  • recruit willing volunteers! sometimes, it’s okay to ask friends and family members for help- that’s what they are there for! in our particular situation, sidney’s mother and grandfather have graciously offered to provide food and snacks- this can be a hefty expense but when you pool together the people you love, you never know who might come through.
    [just be absolutely sure to send out your “thank you” cards when the event is over!]
    now, rally the troops! do you have that creative friend who loves to decorate? what about someone who loves to bake?? cupcakes are inepensive and easily distributed throughout parties, it takes no time at all to whip up a couple dozen!
  • make a list of what you need for your baby shower and cross these things off as you go. one of my favorite event-planning books happens to be for weddings, but you can apply it’s advice to any party / shower / get-together! quite literally titled, “the diy wedding, celebrate your day your way” by kelly bare, is a wonderful tool that i will use many times over before thoughts of my own future wedding even arise. here is kelly’s sage advice:

    “In general, use less. Do you really need confetti, birdseed, and butterflies? Do guests really need favors? As you’re faced with each new decision, decide whether you really need something or just think you need something because you saw it in a magazine, or at someone else’s wedding shower. It’s the party planning equivalent of the time-honored fashion maxim, put on all your accessories and jewelry, then look in the mirror and take one thing off.
    Set Your Priorities. Deciding what’s most important to you is what makes your vision of your event begin to come to life. Your budget begins to crystallize, and the planning process cranks into gear. If you’re gaga for flowers, you clearly deserve a wedding baby shower filled with lush blooms. If you’re a stationery freak, then invites will be your “thing” (Every bride mom has one… or two.) And so on and so forth- you know what you love. It’s usually harder to determine what’s less important, especially when you’re bombarded with messages from advertisers and vendors that make every little item seem vital. So i suggest breaking things out into three categories: high, medium, and low priority.”

    here is the example from her book:

    her entire book is very beautiful and easy to follow!

    “the diy wedding..” is very beautiful and easy to follow!

keep in mind, kelly’s advice is aimed towards weddings. in our situation, we don’t need to worry about professional photography, full meals & liquor, or attire. sidney’s baby shower is going to be comfortable, casual, and fun.

  • to theme or not to theme? there are times when sticking with a color palette is the easiest way to make a baby shower come together in an aesthetically pleasing way. sidney loves winnie the pooh but doesn’t want her special event to resemble a toddler’s birthday party. instead, she has chosen a basic color palette from which to draw inspiration from, but will throw pooh and his woodland friends in from time to time! remember your friend who threw her four year old a birthday get-together for their preschool-aged buds and a handful of adults? can you think back to how every single plate, balloon, centerpiece, napkin, and party hat had the yellow, obtrusive face of spongebob squarepants!? the children in attendance were there to enjoy those little details (although to be honest, they were probably more excited about the pizza) but while you can never have too much of a good thing, you can definitely have too much spongebob at an event that is meant to be catered to the mommy and her guests. so keep the decor simple and sophisticated, with a touch of childlike whimsy! (you will even save money by not buying those unnecessary, overpriced themed items!) here are the colors that sidney has decided on…
purple is her favorite- the pastel greem and bright yellow will accent her shower!

purple is her favorite color- the pastel green and bright yellow will provide accents for sidney’s shower!

  • tackle your list! here is how we have tackled ours..
    venue/location: someone in sidney’s family has access to a large indoor space- with a kitchen! price? free!
    invitations: let’s be honest, events that are posted on social networking sites are super easy to manage, can quickly update guests if party details change, and cost zero dollars. facebook it is! price? free!
    food & drink: the event will be at 2:00 pm in hopes that most people have eaten lunch. as mentioned above, family has agreed to provide the bulk of the food but as for desserts? we now have a couple ladies who will easily be able to bake (and decorate- using our color palette above!) enough delicious cupcakes for everyone. homemade is always better anyway and just like a potluck, it’s always a good thing to have a nice variety to choose from. price? around 15 dollars!
    decor: this will be the fun part! my advice? do not go to party-planning stores- they are overpriced! stick with household items that you or your “collecter”-type friends might already have! the rest you can find at thrift stores, from dollar marts, and in the clearance sections of your local craft stores. speaking of “collector”-type friends…
    look no further than the girl who writes this blog! the image below is of some vases that i am lending to the party in order to maximize the pretty factor and minimize the cash spent! estimated cost? hopefully, no more than 20 dollars for the rest!
i am in love with the look and feel of milk glass.. they will look beautiful placed on tables and we spent no dollars! it's a win-win!
i am in love with the look and feel of milk glass.. these will complement the venue beautifully, especially when filled with pastel green and yellow flowers, and they didn’t take away from the budget! luckily enough for us, a close friend, michelle, got hitched recently and her leftover wedding flowers are the perfect shade of yellow to match our bright and cheerful palette. well done, teamwork!
  • the basics have been covered! so what’s left to think about?
    games! something has to keep the ball rolling and keep everyone entertained! games are easy to look up online and after a meetup with sidney and michelle, we have more than enough ideas to choose from. some involve purchasing a few different types of baby food so we will add the cost of those to our total! michelle came up with another wonderful idea which is..
    through facebook, we will let our guests know that if they bring:    a. a bag of diapers   or   b. a container of baby wipes, we will add their name into a raffle and after everyone has arrived, a name will be drawn! it is now our job to get thrifty with the prizes (we aren’t planning to spend more than twenty dollars for everything) i’ve already come up with the idea to use mason jars instead of gift bags! i know plenty of people who have those things tucked into cupboards and accumulating dust in forgotten boxes, and it would cost almost nothing to fill them with assorted treats and tie them off with a purple ribbon. for more inspiring ideas associated with the simple mason jar, please check out the image below!

{ photo credit –  rebeccacalagna.blogspot.com }

who knew?!
who knew?!

i only wish that i had more images of the baby shower to put on here but truth be told, we still have a lot of work to do! keep up with me though, because there will definitely be a “finished product” post!

“how lucky i am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”
– a. a. milne, winnie-the-pooh