the time has come!

british flag in heart shape

dear fabulous followers,
with a measly twelve hours left, i just wanted to say that i will miss my home and my loves a ton and think of them often. i feel terrible that i wasn’t able to spend more of my last few days with people in general… this trip caught up with me faster than a crack head to their crack. packing {obviously} was done the night before [tonight] but i’m happy to say that {almost} everything is ready and my turtles are quite liking their brand new {well, technically used} fifty five gallon aquatic tank- it took a grueling three hours to set up this morning, but they are now very happy turtle babies. {not babies really, i’m a mother in denial.}


so many amazing things await me {and so many adventures to blog about!}, and with that, i bid you all goodnight & farewell!




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