car boot glory [part one]

as i prepare for car boot glory round two, i cannot help but reflect on last sunday’s boot sale. back home in the midwest u.s., i spend the happiest hours of my life plundering my city {and beyond} for treasures. call it a hobby, a passion, a twenty something’s obsession. i do this by attending auctions, thrifting, and simply- keeping my eyes peeled.

ladder, salvation, restoration, saving a ladder from the streets of heidelberg germany

{for example, when in heidelberg with the family a few weeks ago, i stumbled across this beauty. my family (all five of them, including the two-year-old) quickly voiced words along the lines of “impossible” “impractical” “bothersome.” although i love a good challenge, this ladder was not meant to follow me on three long trains going to paris and ending up back in london. i whispered my silent goodbyes and left it leaning in a pretty spot by purple flowers.}

although i am anxiously awaiting today’s car boot sale {located at pimlico academy} i must say, i was not prepared for the delights of last sunday. i am certainly not the only one who gets excited about these types of things. firstly, in case you are reading this and wondering what on earth i am talking about, a car boot sale is essentially a large area of land that has been assessed and overtaken by individual people / families / friends that are looking to make a profit off of their knickknacks, household mechanisms, books, antiques, clothing, makeup, glassware, vintage lovelies, and anything else you can possibly think up. if you are american, then a car boot sale is similar to a garage sale [except times a thousand!] you can find almost anything here, except for live animals…

so back to what i saying..

last sunday was heaven on earth! the shopping began at 10:15 on the dot. what i did not realize about these giant garage sale-esque events is that there are people waiting in a line opposite of the buyer’s line {or queue, silly american me} that have literally carried suitcases upon suitcases worth of items/clothes that they are planning to set out {usually over a blanket placed on the ground} and sell. the car boot sale generally opens to the public at 11:00 but thinking ahead, i purchased early entrance for £5. best idea ever? yes. [though not the best £5 spent that day.] all of a sudden, as though a silent gunshot went off, hundreds of fanatical bargain-hunters/ bargain-providers took off down the hill towards secondhand heaven. or as i like to call it . . .  the battleground.

crazy shoppers, black friday, bargain hunters


-here are the actual photos-

line for car boot sale, capital car boot sale in london, england

{the line. or queue. i was patiently waiting behind the blond gal with the dachshund}

crazy shoppers, car boot sale, capital car boot, london

{running down hills with bags- some to be emptied and some to be filled. i began to have flashbacks of black friday’s past but nothing can top america’s borderline-psychotic consumerism nightmare that is black friday. [not saying i don’t go every year. i enjoy a little chaos in my life from time to time.]}

once i arrived in the midst of stalls setting up and some all ready to go, the tiny hint of madness from the great dash down the hill had subsidized and in it’s place was a calm, collected sort of anticipation and excitement. until i find the kind of exhilarating estate auctions prevalent in southern indiana, these sunday car boot sales will have to hold me over. not only that, but i currently have no plan or clue as to how i would make a profit on/flip things that i buy {like i do at home $$$} so henceforth, i will not go too crazy at these sorts of things. plus, anything i buy i have to carry whilst walking about and riding two separate tube lines to get home. last weekend, for the first time since i have been overseas, i missed my silver volkswagen. i am sure it is currently growing into the earth in a lovely sort of way.

volkswagen sunk into ground, oversome by plants, mother nature is a beast

{no, i don’t have a vw bus. i do have a passat and i promise you, this picture is not so far off from what it will look like when i eventually return home – for source: click image-}

anyway, back to the sale!

setting up shop at a car boot sale in london

{it took all of thirty seconds for some people to pop up their portable shops. sellers, i salute you}

stuff at a car boot sale in pimlico london

i love seeing how others have benefited from these types of things for example, this girl. she’s quirky and adorable and has found some awesome items from these sales.

here is everything i walked away with after spending {roughly} forty £’s . . .

banana republic, steals from a car boot sale

{a pretty lot of vintage and new clothes – included are two gorgeous banana republic tops}

bustier, car boot sale, london

{pretty polka dotty dress for £1.50, and a velvety bustier top for £1}

car boot sale, london england, pimlico academy

{a very pretty beaded top resembling decadent and flowy 1920’s style [£3] a crystal clutch for £1, lovely patterned pants [brand new] for £2 and two gorgeous banana republic tops for £6}

car boot sale plunder

{cannot remember the exact prices but items are as follows: cath kidston bag [will take to get sewed up a bit for reinforcement-purposes], old vintage man’s hat [he had a small head, i can make it work], nudie irish drink coasters, two awesome pairs of shoes [i am still learning uk sizing], four harry potter books printed in the uk [will keep my eyes peeled for the rest], a brand new banana republic cardigan with pearl buttons [£3], and pretty gold/pink-toned eyeshadow palette}

nudie coasters, naked irishman, car boot sale, london

{oh, how i love my nudie coasters . . . }

car boot sale

{the most i spent [£11] was on this pretty antique [silver!] necklace with a hand-painted porcelain ship on the front – worth every penny. or pence.}

last but not least . . .

a row of twelve, presumably handmade, birds that now hang over my window and colorize my already-beautiful mornings here. they remind me of something primitive.

{a row of twelve, presumably handmade, birds that now hang over my window and colorize my already-beautiful mornings here. they remind me of something primitive.}














– – – u p d a t e ! – – –
as of finishing this blog post,
i have already come and gone
to my second boot sale!
with great results ❤ ❤ ❤
another car boot-related post
will be coming soon with pictures!!!

thanks for viewing!





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