who needs decency anyway?

it seems so strange – to write a post without including pictures. i love taking photos whilst on my adventures so you can see through the same perspective that i see through.
oh london, is today a glitch? is the radiating warmth outside an illusion from the depths of my sun-deprived mind? {not that i mind the rain – i really just have better things to do than be cold} london is always a beautiful place to be, however, sunny days are few and far between. there is a certain, special occurrence that takes place whenever the sun does decide to show his lonely face. on those days, masses of people {many who have probably called in sick to their jobs} take to the parks and “set up shop.” this could mean that they scope out lawn chairs and relax in circles with friends. some girls lay on beach towels and do what they can to tan, seductively pulling down straps and tucking dress fabric into as many nooks and crannies as possible to allow for total skin-uv exposure. apparently, some parks in some neighborhoods are even popular for full-on bikini wear during days like these. {i will have to do some research and join in that tomfoolery at some point … if decency allows it. who needs decency anyway?} many people grab whatever portable food is in their pantry, whatever booze is in their fridge and spend every waking, sun-shiney moment out in the green grass, eating and drinking. the amazing miracle that is a sunny day here is made so much better because every inch of green space {and there is a lot!} is covered by celebratory folk and muddled with weather-worshipping merriment. i do not, at all, miss the secluded backyards of home sweet home, usa.
fields of fun-loving people, together and in unison, is certainly what i crave the most.

whether it’s hyde park or green, some bits of english culture are just too lovely not to write about.




featured image: ok, i have to have at least one photograph 🙂

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