seven day challenge – day 4

7 days
7 posts
7 albums . . . day 4

i got a feeling we are gonna win
our bodies make it perfect
and your eyes can make me swim

then again everything seems new
i can barely hold my tongue
to say the least i’m into you

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can someone please explain why three hours of sleep = one super productive me???
because i can’t.

i used to write poetry. here and there. a little bit at a time.
the perfect mood + the perfect music makes pretty words flow like wine.
but, i say i used to because it really has been a long time. considering this blog is a major creative outlet for me, i’ve decided to share some things that will, otherwise, never be seen.

{original dates are included}

drie werelden – three worlds – trois mondes – drei welten
[10 september 2010]

floating in your backwards pond,
and the fish are staring, the sunshines of them
still-frame your leaves for me, my little backwards pond
hold up to the cold because i’ll need you when i’m old
and you’ll need for me to care

are they roots that you’re swimming to
or brief glimpses of colorless beings, sprawled out before you
this i have to know, in order to be there
when your shaky skies are framed in shaky frames
and all you need in this world is someone to care

floating into the intervals of color-bland grays, ancient and aged
you aspired for more than grandmother prints and broken glass
looking out for me to make a pass
picked you out and picked you up, leafy fronds and all,
backwards little pond.

she says.
[15 february 2010]

somehow through all of the effort,
wasted as it was,
her emotional ties to the subject at hand
break down the bricks of her self-erected wall.
worthless brick wall..

“i’m not crying because i’m sad
i’m crying because it doesn’t take a
lot to get me that way
and this is something i used to cry about.”
she says.

and he can’t understand
because everything has gotten so complex
and so very, very complicated.

“has it gotten any better?”
he says.

her eyes roam the ceiling
while her mind mends the wall.
and upon it’s restoration
she nods to herself more so than him.

“foolish to hold onto these memories,
bittersweet as they are.”
she says.


[10 june 2012]

the spiders around my house are allowed to live freely.
there is one that exists in a bottom corner of my tiny bathroom.
instead of contemplating her destruction or removal,
i worry that she criticizes me for my dirty, unkempt bathroom.
when i was little, i would go to those places
where children know better than to stick their fingers;
those soft funnels of spider silk webbing in landscapes,
between ruffled bricks, and in the darkest corners of one’s backyard.
with me was a sacrifice – a medium sized ant or perhaps a roly poly
although i only settled on the latter if the first was not locatable.
i was not a total monster after all.
and with my tiny, nervous hands,
i would allow my unwilling sacrifice to fall into the silky tunnel,
onto the very doorstep to this dark, dark lair.
and what happened next
was predictable
yet perplexing
and horrific
yet miraculous
i was just a child but felt as a god
only instead of yearning for the death of my sacrifice,
i was swept away by the love for earthly connectiveness.
in awe of that circle of life’s organisms
and filled with compassion at my youthful ability
to eliminate hunger from these esoteric, romantic creatures.
the little vampires of their expansive world.


{untitled. not really a poem, more like a journal entry}
[12 july 2012]

mornings are the best part of my day.
mornings are cool, calm. they reflect the day ahead
with a glimmer of peace and allow me to breathe before diving into the rougher, hotter parts.
they are my blank canvases and empty notebooks.
everything seems more alive, the birds, the tree leaves,
because none of it has been stifled by the pressing sun or human happenings.


you are already free.
[16 august 2012]

simple things, a simple state.
daisies on the kitchenette, a fresh pot
of coffee. eyes closed on white linens,
a creeping smile on my lips, under the light
of the sunshine, a creeping sunshine.
with a quick in my step, jump out of bed
on this early sunday morning, down the planks
of stairs, creeking in their own excited, early
morning ways.
you are there, pouring coffee,
same creeping smile on your silly face.
daisies on the kitchenette, daisies in my hair.



{just so you know, there is nothing i can write on here that could embarrass me now. after publishing this sort of wordstuff, i have decided that nothing else could possibly make me cringe any further. i am officially unembarrassable. so, hooray for that. and me.}

: : : today’s album : : :

chet faker
thinking in textures

favorite song beforehand – “i’m into you”
pleasantly surprised the second time around – “cigarettes and chocolate”
favorite song(s) after today – “i’m into you”

: : : memorable lyrics : : :

i’ll take it down the other road
to breathe in something more

i’ll find it harder to ignore
the things i want you for


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