seven day challenge – day 5ish

7 ish days
7 posts
7 albums                            . . . day 5 ish


kind of blue, miles davis
firstly, today is technically “day 8” of my seven day challenge, yet here i am,
writing post number 5. shameful.

i have decided to make a showcase post – a showcase of artists. specificallyartists from my hometown {in indiana} – individuals that i have been lucky enough to meet / know in person.
london is practically foaming at the mouth with talent; foamy, thick talent. you can find the most amazing pieces and collections in posh galleries, and likewise, on dirty walls lining dirty streets in areas like camden and shoreditch. no matter where i go, i can’t help but think of home and the amazing material that has come out of southern indiana, the kind of creative and inspiring art forms that i could easily and naturally vision placed on the walls of any gallery in this city.

i implore you to delve further.
follow them on facebook.
you will not be let down.


: : :


1) jenna citrus / justin sala
{i must say, i miss both of your smiling faces.}

these two are the artist/photographer and composer/musician of the group known as lightmares.
they have two full albums out [The Sun Dances & Passionate Places] and are working on a third: Lullub-Eyes.

collaborate with lightmares to create a music video

jenna citrus, justin sala, lightmares, band, indiana, beautiful people,beautiful music


2) david worthington

film / digital photographer extraordinaire.

my favorite photographs of his are:
film   –   portraits
film   –   double exposure-abstract


david created, david worthington, art, beautiful, abstract


david worthington, photographer

{this is david. click to be directed to his facebook page}


3) jamie gray williams

jamie gray williams, painting

{this girl is so incredibly talented, specializing in acrylic and oil paints – click image for her official facebook page – her subjects in this particular painting happen to be two friends of mine from indiana}

jamie gray williams, painter, beautiful art

{the other}

pheromones, jamie gray williams, jamie williams, beautiful art, oil painting


this is not open season, painting, beautiful art, jamie williams, jamie gray williams, art

{this is not open season}

an excerpt from her website:


My works emerge as reflections of uncensored visions that appear in my daydreams as a result of my experiences growing up in the Midwest. My goal is to reveal relatable personal and social issues through incorporating dramatic content with an ironic twist. Through a variety of conceptually layered portraits, I use acrylic and oil paint to exaggerate brushstrokes and emphasize planes of color, revealing the beauty and dimension of flesh. The discussion of identity is a prevalent theme in my work, searching constantly for some semblance of reasoning in a world that is by many means unalterably harsh and absurd. These paintings and prints generally make use of patterning, such as wallpaper or fabric patterns, in order to add an element of environment and to serve as reference to a specific era. The flattened backgrounds act as a backdrop for the subjects in my paintings while also suggesting a sense of confinement as the figures begin to get lost against the Midwestern décor.

you can purchase jamie’s prints here.


4) gary logan hobdy

gary logan hobdy, milksop studioartist.
graphic designer.
creative force behind MiLKSOP STUDiO.



gary logan hobdy

{musical meathook}

gary logan hobdy

{not made of flesh}

gary logan hobdy

{childbotic innerverse}



gary logan hobdy


graphic designer.

gary logan hobdy, graphic design

gary logan hobdygary logan hobdy

: : : contact : : :


gary logan hobdy


: : :


these guys make me proud of my roots.
just keep doing whatever it is that you’re doing!

** all photographs have been used with permission from the artists **
** i do not own any of the images above **


: : : today’s album : : :

miles davis
kind of blue


goodnight, everyone.


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