movey music – day 1


wonderfully warm days of pancake-experimentation and movey music are the best kind of days.

on my last self-prescribed “seven day post challenge,” i only succeeded in listening to albums and posting for five days. thus, i have decided to challenge myself once again . . .
seven days
seven thoughts
seven photos
easy enough, i hope.
the rules are simple. any photograph. [must be taken day of.] any random thought that pops into my head at some point during the day. for seven days. the only catch is that i must use the wordpress mobile app to make my posts. i’m doing this in hopes that i will learn to be more fluid with my posting {and on my adventures}. at this point, i think about my posts way too much, treating them more like pre-graded essays and less like natural bits of self expression that flow parallel to my miscellaneous bouts of inspiration.

at the end of the day, i just want life to be a bit simpler. less worrisome fretting, more living. less time spent on writing posts / editing pictures, more blogging that is spontaneous and frequent. like i mentioned earlier, sometimes the simplest bits in our existences {such as pancake mornings} are the ones we hold onto a little more tightly than the rest.

looking forward to this new challenge, hoping i don’t botch it like the last one!

One thought on “movey music – day 1

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