no complexes – day 3


there are a few requirements i have always had in mind whilst dreaming of my next apartment / flat / sanctuary.
let’s just call them non negotiables . . .

wood floors
good sunlight through pretty windows
no complexes

let’s just say, to live in hampstead, i would give almost all of those up.

everything but the windows.
{there are cat ladies and there are plant ladies}
until i’m responsible enough to become the first, for now, i shall remain the latter. and i need my natural light to survive.

furthermore, today was both strange and spectacular. exciting and tranquil. i will explain myself {in detail} tomorrow, but for now i’ll leave you with a little tidbit of peculiarity.



One thought on “no complexes – day 3

  1. Hampstead seems like an amazing place to live. As your neighborhood feel as much like a home as your house does, you can compromise on small space to look at the bigger picture.

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