my bags are packed, my concerns are high

on my way to the airport once again, only this time i’m going back to london. i’m nervous about this flight. not the flight in general . . . ok, it has a little bit to do with the plane. {for whatever strange reason, as i get older, my fear during take off and especially landing has grown a lot. i think it has something to do with my growing repertoire of flying experience and a general increasing of odds that something may eventually go wrong.} anyway, i’m nervous because this is when i have the opportunity to speak to immigration about my further length of stay in the united kingdom. technically, i should be fine to stay, and explore, and travel until january. [i first visited london last year during the olympics, and the ukba’s website reads that we {americans} are eligible for six months out of a total twelve month timeframe, beginning the first time you are allowed entry into the country.] see where i’m going with this? my “six month allowance” should be resetting in july. july 26 to be exact. but who knows what they will say. the problem with the law is that by it’s very nature, it’s vague as all hell. i am 100% sure this is intentional. at the end of the day, border officers want the right to turn people away based on their own discretionary reasons.

anyway, this all sounds so incredibly boring as i am writing it, and for that, i apologize. my traveling has increased dramatically in the last couple years {as it should!} and these types of things are good to know / share with people who may also be in your situation.

time to go for now!
i’ve got exciting adventures planned after my return to the land of fish & chips!

i may have never said this, but thanks so much for following.

it’s such an amazing thing to know that i’m not writing to an empty internet.



amsterdam, i will see you and your cats again one day soon.

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