josh ritter

i have had a great deal of luck in obtaining tickets to shows {music} that were previously “sold out.” [i seem to be constantly prevented from locating tickets in a more conventional way. ie: ticketmaster?] in 2010, i arrived at the socialmy favorite venue in orlando, florida – very early in an attempt to find someone with a spare ticket to see edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros.

orlando, florida, entertainment, live music, venue, the examiner

{ “orlando musicians speak out about the best local live music venues”}

just twenty minutes before the opening act was to go on, i had asked every person / group in attendance and nothing. out of nowhere and me with a fading spirit, a guy that i had spoken with much earlier pulled me aside and told me that i could just have his. he was with a group of people but knew of some other friends that were already out and about in downtown orlando, and he could tell that i “really wanted to see this band.” i didn’t expect something like that to happen but my night was instantly made incredible and i have done my best to pass-it-forward many times since then. he didn’t even ask for more than face value, which i offered several times!

anyway, last night was similar. [and the other night. . . strange]
i had loose plans on showing up to village underground in shoreditch to do a small amount of begging,
but, because i hadn’t gotten a ticket “the old fashioned way,” i had almost forgotten that josh ritter was even going to be playing last night. almost. until a friend of the family informed me that he had some extras and thought that i would maybe be interested.

umm, yes!

{very cool space - click for source}

{very cool space – click for source}

so long story short, my plan on waiting outside the venue {music, art, and otherwise} was deemed totally unnecessary. i walked away from last night with a gorgeous silkscreen print poster {only sold at his back-to-back shows on tuesday and wednesday!}

josh ritter, silkscreen print

{beautiful, isn’t it?}

josh ritter was joyous, energetic, and so very, very good.

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