need a lift?

some days are harder than others.
i am elated to be seeing my dad in less than one hour(!)
and i will admit, this couldn’t come at a better time.

i love that i am doing everything i can to explore places around the globe
but it can get a bit lonely at times. i might be in a rut.

i really think you need familiar faces in your life just as much as new ones.

with that said, i wanted to write a quick post and include some images / links / videos that pretty much always lift my spirits. here it goes.


– – –

ronald jenkees. the guy is exuberant, and just plain awesome. he grew in popularity by posting videos on youtube and is now selling cd’s {he autographs them if you buy two!} and other merch-type-things. subscribe to him on “youtubes”!

he’s just a genuinely happy and talented guy.
his videos make me smile every time.

people love cats.

i have no idea what sort of science is behind this, i just know that their little furry faces and wild eyes push my brain back to the mental state of an eight year old. i can’t control myself! i want to touch all of them, and give them lots of kisses and let them rub their territorial pheromones on my ankle. {this sounds gross but it’s not!}

was that too weird?

anyway, there are cats.
and there is this cat.

it’s a pleasure to follow colonel meow and his bad habits on facebook and instagram.

colonel meow, cats

{truly maniacal, this one}


because i just saw josh ritter in east london, i can’t get his songs out of my head.
i recommend this one.

and this one.

“temptation of adam” is one of my favorite songs.
it just takes me to a place where few other songs can even go,
if that makes any sense at all.

– – – homesteading – – –

if i’m honest, there’s only so much “homesteading” i can do while traveling.
it’s as simple as recycling. it’s as complex as catching rainwater and urban farming.
i really believe in this stuff, and it’s nice to get inspired from time to time!


{all images lovingly borrowed from homesteading / survivalism}

alright, time to keep an eye out for the family!

i swear, it feels like christmas 🙂

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