before & after

this is my first post written while getting my hair done and it will probably never happen again. this is simply because i hardly ever get my hair done. i have long hair and it’s usually very expensive! {by “done” i mean highlights. or maybe a cut too if i feel like my hairdresser has extra-judgey eyes.} the guy working on my foils does not – he has been quite friendly and wonderful and sympathetic towards my foreboding roots and broken ends – but i may still splurge for the cut out of principle.

sometimes, not always, but sometimes it’s good to splurge. god knows my locks have been begging me for some attention and proper treatment.

{before & after photo to come!}

featured image: the telegraph
i watched “my week with marilyn” yesterday. michelle williams is remarkable in this film.
no wonder i’m bringing back the blonde today . . .


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