videos of the month – august

these videos are some of my recent favorites,
i hope you enjoy them as much as i do!

ship my pants.

ikea – time for a change.

porn sex vs. real sex : the differences explained with food.

the camp gyno.

streets of london in 1927.

neil hilborn : “OCD” [rustbelt 2013]

while most of these videos are entertaining in the least and hilarious at best, the last one really gets me. i adore slam poetry. it’s captivating / emotional at times / beautiful. slam poetry is the passionate lovechild of the written and spoken word and from what i have been told, it’s birthplace is windy chicago, an amazing city i have been to many times. i first heard of slam poetry {and witnessed some performances} a few years back when i began spending lots of time with a group of rowdy, endearing, enchanting “theatre” kids. they weren’t actually children but the lot of them brought out a side of me that i sometimes have to painstakingly dig to recover. we were picnic masters, renaissance festival-destinators, costume-sporting movie-goers, musicians, actors, pizza-scarfing hooligans. those times of my life were free-spirited, unadulterated, and so much fun.
but as it sometimes happens, friend groups naturally dissipate. people move out of town, some get married / have kids, and others just glide naturally on to new clusters of cohorts. it’s this strange and at times interlocking web of the human relationship. i won’t lie, i miss those particular connections more than some others that i have lost . . . i even sometimes miss the person i was when i was gallivanting around with them. but until you lose something {in my case, a moment in time} – you can never really determine it’s value in the first place.

or how much it meant to you.

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