friendly correspondence

few things make me quite as joyful as receiving handwritten letters in the mail, and having someone to write back to.
here’s to friendly correspondence and lovingly leaving letters in post office boxes.

also, here’s to oscar wilde. i decided, in a past post, to read all of his work, and i plan on following through with that. “house of pomegranates” was wonderful. today, i begin “the picture of dorian gray.” keep an eye out for occasional updates on this self-prescribed, literary challenge.

my only bit of advice for the day? find someone to exchange letters with. exercise your penmanship. enjoy the simple acts of carefully scribing an address and excitedly opening an envelope that is addressed to you in the same handwriting used on the lined paper within.

– – – also! today is my little brother’s birthday. happy birthday, trevor. wish i could be spending it with you – – –

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