birthday speculations

this is just the beginning of my relationship with the world, and with it’s people. oslo, i may have fallen a little bit in love with you.
it’s a great thing, to be fully aware of those specific ins and outs that make you happy, to grasp exactly what type of experience you need to open that box of locked emotions . . . that box that everyone has lying tucked, deep within themselves. emotions of excitement, bliss, fear {the good kind of course}, and love.
it’s a non-materialistic kind of happiness that i am searching hardest for. i guess what i’m trying to say, is that i think that i have found exactly what i’m looking for. in travel. in music. in food. in adventure. in fairytales. in friendships. in book stores. in freedom. in norway.

see you soon, london.
see you again, oslo.

One thought on “birthday speculations

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