road full of promise and an owl

after eating myself silly in hampstead, i’m taking a moment to soak in some delicious rays. i guess everything is delicious right now, with that meal sitting comfortably in my belly – the tastes of it are still on my tongue. who knew that a frosty arrangement of various frozen berries covered in a warm white chocolate could be such a perfect dessert. so simple, so yummy. i won’t even begin to describe my other two courses, lest this turn into an entire post about food. i’ll only say that caramelized onions are surely one of god’s gifts to man.
while relaxing on this warm bench, i must take some time to write about the incredible weekend i had. not so much weekend as saturday.
the english school of falconry {and center for birds of prey}, is just a short train ride away from london. the place is a dream come true, well, my dream come true.

as though it’s difficult enough to pack up and move your life to another country, one that doesn’t much want you in the first place, i have it in my head that i will one day work at and gain some type of education from a place very similar to this. falconry, the art of, and the animals involved have always attracted me in the most intense way. i partially blame my childhood obsession with all things fantasy. i also adore birds, of all types. yes, that includes those filthy, city pigeons. i wouldn’t mind living slightly off the grid in order to take the time to become a real falconer. {my later life involves all types of amazing fun, such as chicken breeding, turtle pond-building, and owl raising.}
this saturday, i was around people who spoke about their birds (owls, eagles, falcons, vultures) as though they were talking about dogs, cats, or hampsters. i watched an incredible display of trainers interacting with these animals, in a way to show off their flying skills. they used this “rope and bait” technique that exercises the birds through flight. it requires patience and extreme concentration, allowing the birds to obtain victory and the prize at just the perfect moment. my mind was a broken record throughout the entire performance, repeating “i want to do this, i want to do this.”

i want to do this.










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