the sound of a thousand cicadas

50 days – 6 hours – 23 minutes
until i land on sweet, american soil.

august left me in the dust, september is behaving similarly. at this point, i’m not even sure if i want the minutes to speed up or slow down  . . . guess i’ll start working on a playlist for this roadtrip i am already planning for when i get back. i’ve got some good friends in cold chicago that i’d like to have some fun with. i am beyond ready to get behind the wheel again. speaking of, here’s a tiny list of things i miss about home, besides my friends and family of course . . . that should go without saying.

 – – –

1) driving
2) the sound of a thousand cicadas
3) stars
4) pandora
5) the sweet smell of an outdoor fire
6) backyard blackberries
7) the family cabin / fishing
8) ice makers
9) serving {you can call me crazy if you want}
10) family video
11) thunderstorms
12) liquor stores
13) the legality of my existence there
14) estate auctions
15) 24 hour everything
16) my teacup collection
17) open spaces
18) this guy.
nero corleone

i suppose i could compile a list of everything i will miss about london, but that could literally take hours to construct, and i can’t say that i’m emotionally capable of allowing my mind to wander down that road . .
not yet.

2 thoughts on “the sound of a thousand cicadas

  1. Backyard Blackberries! I always miss thunderstorms where I’m at, but forgot about those sweet candies in the bushes behind my house. Now you have me all nostalgic for the midwest. 🙂

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