2014 world cup draw

never having been much of a sports fan, when i was introduced to football [soccer] a few years ago, it was quite odd that i felt so drawn to the game. i adore the movement on the field, the players’ grace, their unbelievable endurance. growing up in indiana, one can’t help but fall a little bit in love with basketball. i’ll always be a hoosier at heart. after all, there was even a basketball goal screwed in to the layered brick wall above my childhood home’s garage door. it’s commonplace to see rim after rim whilst driving through southern indiana suburbia….
with that said, i adore the {usually} lengthy play before a football team actually scores a point. there is this beautiful buildup of touch and go, retreat and recede, and then a heightened hold-your-breath moment of golden opportunity. an opening. the crowd sees it, the player definitely sees it, and you can only clench your fists and pray to god during that speck of a second before the ball makes any sort of contact. if, hopefully when it plummets into the net, the fans truly go wild. the rarity of a goal, compared to many other sports, is enough to make a grown man cry, every time he witnesses it.

on december 6th, the 2014 world cup draw was announced. it fascinates me to read the live tweet threads, i don’t have twitter, myself and learn about predictions, past rivalries, and the fear of being in an alluring “group of death.” as it turns out, the united states national team may have found themselves in such a group, although the more i read, it seems that death is all around us.

here is the official draw, from FIFA’s website:

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i love reading this particular sporting news article, written two days before the official world cup draw. the author highlights the possible outcomes of the draw by using such categories as worst-case scenario, best-case scenario, best storyline, and better draw than you think. as it turns out, the united states will be facing every single one of sporting new’s “best storyline” team possibilities. i read all of them and all of this background information quickly turns a beloved sport, into a brilliantly plotted tale of glory and intrigue. i’ll show you how:

group d.


“Best Storyline: Germany

It wouldn’t be the easiest draw, but Germany would certainly offer plenty of subplots. Klinsmann against his old team, Jermaine Jones, Fabian Johnson and Terrence Boyd against their birth country.

Best Storyline: Ghana

As much as many USA fans would dread another rematch against the same Ghana team that has beaten the Americans in the past two World Cups, you have to admit the opportunity for revenge would make this one exciting for USA fans, even if it would also be equal parts scary.

Best Storyline: Portugal

A dozen years after the USA shocked the Portuguese team’s ‘Golden Generation’ the Iberians look for revenge with Cristiano Ronaldo leading the charge. Selling the USA vs. Ronaldo match-up wouldn’t hurt TV ratings in America either.

jurgen klinsmann reaction, fifa, 2014 world cup draw, soccer, football, world cup, sports

the united states will always and obviously be my team. while traveling through southern europe back in october, i did take the amazing opportunity to see a game at barcelona’s famed stadium, camp nou. this being the first actual team i ever started paying attention to, i will always hold an affinity for barcelona. they are too beautiful and excellent a team not to love. if my life wasn’t already changing so much in the new year, i would absolutely love to book a flight to brasil.

at the end of the day, this game is pure class and fun for all. i am excited for the 2014 world cup because, honestly, it will be the first world cup that i pay any sort of attention to. and the thought that i can grow up and change and embrace new things is so incredibly exciting for me.

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