all snowed in

since my stateside return, i can happily proclaim that i am okay. i have been using this last month to purge the things that i don’t need and grasp even more tightly, the things people that i do.

snow, indiana, returning home, midwest, homecoming, winter, snowed in

{temperatures reached seventy degrees only two days ago – typical indiana}

i have stopped seeing my homecoming as a death sentence and more as a necessity to further myself in life. i’m saving money and making plans, and taking names? london will be waiting for me next year, wild adventures are still in store, and my interweb absence has only been temporary –
i promise.

handsome devil, black cat, snow day, spending time indoors, peeking, binks

{“i hope you haven’t forgotten about me…”}

what can i say?
so many life-changing events have transpired this past year, from my extensive traveling and living abroad, to reaching the conclusion that now is not when i should be returning to school. i have taken my personal time and here i stand sit, ready to pick up my blogging and move forward. as for my “education”, now is just not the time to take on quite so much debt whilst trying to start a life elsewhere in the world. the day i found out that i wouldn’t get approved for a college loan (without a cosigner) was a very strange day, in that i was part: emotional wreck, part: full of relief.
my determination to leave indiana as quickly as possible had given me tunnel vision,
and made me desperate.
i have just as much hope if not, more than when i composed my last blog post, i have just decided to chill out for a second, focus on the time i have with my loved ones, and be patient.

fireplace, snow day, writing, blogging, writer's block, midwest, crazy indiana weather, warm by the fire

{for a good read, try –>”what you want is not a thing” – lovingly recommended by my brother, who i will have the chance to hug in just a few weeks’ time}

my current adventure(s)
-parting with many material things that i never needed all along-
-all day foodie-focused fun with my mom-
-a general yet important reconnection with people from the past-
-the maintenance of a long distance relationship, unexpected and wonderful in it’s very nature-

i guess i’ll leave it at that.
great things come to those who wait


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