beautiful thoughts, golden people

i can’t always find the words that i want so badly to write.
today has been frustrating in that way.
i yearn for those moments of intense concentration and perfect setting, when the inspiration a topic provides is enough to silence my constant self-criticisms, and painlessly draw the paragraphs from my fingertips. but a girl can’t always have her cake and eat it too, or something like that.
anyway, i have been desperately desiring to post about a particular thing, but everything else is keeping me from coming up with anything at all. is any of this making sense?

i suppose what i am trying to say is that sometimes you can’t pick the subject of a post.
sometimes, that subject must find it’s way to you.

and boy, has it ever.

{christopher poindexter}

on days when we can’t find the words, there is nothing wrong
with finding someone else to utter them for us.
here goes some of those words,
“remington typewriter”-styled…

christopher poindexter, christopher, poetry, art, beautiful words, god, maybe stars, gave the earth to strangers, remington typewriter, typewriter poetry, lovely

{the universe, and her, and i – poem #145}


poetry, christopher poindexter, christopher, remington typewriter, beautiful words, art, lovely, throw my voice, i will love you, through the darkness, poem

{their tears were their poem #21}


the universe and her, christopher poindexter, poindexter, writing, remington typewriter, poetry, lovely, art, beautiful words, the really good ones, a city of bones, tumblr, poet

{the universe, and her, and i – poem #122}


tiny eternities, magnificent stars, poem 9, christopher poindexter, poetry, typewriter, beautiful words, fell in love, calm of his heartbeat, remington typewriter, loneliness, lovely, art

{tiny eternities and magnificent stars poem 9}


the way she touched me, christopher poindexter, what more can i say, poetry, remington typewriter, beautiful words, typewriter, poindexter, made from the things

{the universe, and her, and i – poem 90}



remington typewriter poetry, christopher poindexter

remington typewriter poetry. all images & words by: christopher poindexter.

i am very glad i stumbled upon this person and his musings.
you can follow christopher on instagram here.
and browse his etsy shop here.

have a lovely day, everyone.


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