a glimpse of a year

i won’t be having the perfect new year’s.
i’ll be coming straight from work to a local greek restaurant where my family and a band will be waiting, to bid the old year goodbye. most likely, i’ll slip on my sequined dress in the bathroom where i work, blanket myself in my new perfume {a thoughtful christmas gift from my father and his anna} and tie up the black leather shoes that once belonged to my mother.
underneath my simple yet elegantly disheveled outfit, will remain the subdued stench of my full day’s work at a sushi restaurant.. i may even have crusty soy sauce bits under my unsightly fingernails. i won’t be leaving in time to actually eat with the rest of my clan, so somewhere along the way i will have to stuff my face with greek or sushi goodness. either is acceptable. and anyway, i am surely to be held over at work, because lord knows we have a million reservations.
this new year’s eve will not be perfect. i will be fighting to stay awake, most of my family/friends are recovering from the flu, and my kiss is four thousand miles away- across an ocean.

this year has been a crazy learning experience for me.

i dare say the most important thing i have learned
is how to hold on, while still letting go.
my moments with people have been fleeting, some i may never see again.
that’s the way life goes, especially if you’re a floating vagabond like myself.
it’s important to put the electronics away, it’s crucial to be one hundred percent genuine, even and especially to strangers. there’s no reason not to be.


this isn’t a new year’s resolution.
it’s just a way of living that i have found to work.

here’s to imperfect new year celebrations.


a little bit of my year … in photographs.

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my mom, home, holidays, family



happy new year’s everyone.























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