and so, i celebrated

there came a moment last night while i was pleading with 2014 to arrive more quickly when i glanced around and imagined what i would be doing elsewhere. as in, london. or los angeles. or new york. or anywhere, really, with a stronger sense of youthful exuberance and a higher abundance of engaging opportunities. knowing that i will undoubtedly spend many more new years dancing the night away – and perhaps while in more of a mood to drink tasty beverages – i was ok with loving my current environment. i did love it. and i celebrated it.

celebration, pretty colors, quick movements, iPhone, lovely, new year, joy

{ . . . a colorful representation of my celebrations}

all of a sudden, after taking a step back from my twenty-something / wishful imaginings of all-night, body-moving bliss, i noticed how intriguing my current environment actually was.

example a: my server. [at the greek restaurant where said party was being held]
this girl was super entertaining. very quirky, possibly drunk but most likely just an oddball. both her and i were members of the same competitive high school marching band {just at different times} and we had quite a lot to talk about. oh! and she slipped me a handful of the restaurant’s safeguarded chocolate mints “under the table.” [pun intended!] i pretty much consider her to be my current best friend of the new year

example b: best-dressed couple of the night.
meet: mary lou and dr. frank.

mary lou and dr frank, curious couple, dancing, new years eve, interesting people, best dressed

{aren’t they fabulous??}

as it turns out, dr, frank is a local author. he and his wife, mary lou, are huge fans of traveling around southern indiana and kentucky to find good dance spots. his physical similarities to abe lincoln are absolutely intentional, as stated by him.. a sort of self-exclamatory advertisement for his published book, “civil war veterans of perry county, indiana: 1861-1865.” mary lou’s outfit is one of a kind, as stated by her.. fashioned specifically for her on this new years night.
my conversation with them was brief but uplifting. simple, but eye-opening.

unusualties and fascinating characters are all around,
you just have to allow them into your preoccupied life!


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