s[n]o[w] many hats

it’s snowing … again. this winter season has officially compensated for the painfully embarrassing “winters” of years past. i simply mean to say that it hasn’t snowed like this in a very, very long time. in this day and age, i am more than happy to meander through a sea of puffy-whiteness to get from place to place. it’s not that i love chilly weather more than i used to, i honestly just think i dress myself better for it, as an adult. lots of layers. so many wonderfully warm layers. i am more of a hat person today than i’ve ever been before, and i’m not afraid to admit that a silent army of soft, multipurpose scarves have invaded my closet space. these wardrobe changes have definitely been positive life adjustments: cold weather doesn’t make me nearly as depressed as it once did, and i have a fantastical collection of vintage / interesting / beautiful wintertime accessories.


weather wins, i win, and my closet wins.

– – –

the following photographs are of me.
in lots of hats.
please keep in mind, i was never very fond of these things before. my first tries consisted of struggling with angles and placement, run-ins with the dreaded “hat hair”, and a series of near-escapes {they were always flying off when the wind picked up – as though attempting to attain freedom from my “style”-challenged skull.}

still, i would like to think that i’m on my way to mastering . . .
the hat.

girl in hat, blondie, red lipstick, winter accessories, smirking, blue eyed girl, blonde hair, grey hat, sporting a hat, teal scarf, smile

witchy, girl with a black cat, hippie skirt, black leather shoes, girl wearing a hat, blonde girl, autumn leaves, girl wearing a skirt, animal lover, binks the black cat, nero corleone, the lades guide to adventure, rosalie melin

goorin brothers, free hat friday, contest winner, blonde hair blue eyes, girl wearing a hat, grey goorin brothers hat, laura wilder hat, deep red lipstick, blue eyes, gold necklace, anthropologie, fashion, goorin, the lades guide to adventure, rosalie melin

mother and daughter, blonde hair, girls in hats, wasteland, kisses, my momma and me, at a wedding, photobooth, the ladys guide to adventure

greenwich market, green hat, girl wearing a hat, blue eyes, cloche, hat made on vintage form, handcrafted in london, cloche style, keeping my ears warm, baby its cold outside, the ladys guide to adventure

friends / statues / strangers in hats.
{photos taken by me.}

didgeridoo, australian, musical instrument, steven and seth, lots of whiskey, western themed party, annual cake party, i love bourbon, sullen hat wearer, cowboy hat

high street kensington, london statue, black and white photograph of a statue, Béla Bartók, hungarian composer, my favorite statue in london, statue of a man, wearing a hat

street performer, domestic cat, trained cat to give high fives, street performer in london, traveling europe, guy playing guitar in a hat, so many hats, yellow cat

musicians, jazz music, tin man brewery, saxophonist, monty wearing a hat, live music in evansville

the best hat picture in the world, western themed, cowboy and his lizard, leopard gecko, brenda the gecko, or is it deborah?, steven wearing a hat, the lades guide to adventure, adventure in the midwest

and finally, some of my favorite people / characters in hats.
{photos not taken by me.}

steve carell wearing a hat, black and white, celebrity photograph, the office

kate middleton wearing hat, kate wearing a beautiful hat, duchess of cambridge, british culture, lovely white hat, lovely person, the lady in london

luna love good wearing her lion hat, luna the lion, harry potter, such a quirky character, lover of all things fantasy, nargles, lion outfit, lion costume

jessa in girls, jess a wearing a hat, jemima kirke, polka dot scarf, girls, hbo original series

{ jessa ❤ }

well. while my original goal was not necessarily to fill this post with an silly amount of hat pictures, i certainly didn’t do much to stop it from happening. (these things just seem to have a way of writing themselves at times.) my adventure with this versatile, oftentimes-bohemian article of clothing has only just begun. thank god for gorgeous girls like jemima kirke {and her character, jessa, on girls} to keep me inspired and wanting more –

of the hat.

oh, and if you aren’t watching lena dunham‘s incredible show… you should be.

– – – you’re welcome – – –


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