the busking challenge – preface

i have this crazy idea.
one of many, i assure you..

busking, gentlemen in hats, busking in hats, playing instruments for money, cool dudes, musicians, playing guitar on the street

{lovingly borrowed from this blog}

upon my eventual return to london, i have decided to “busk”
for at least thirty minutes in an underground tube station, during rush hour.

if you are unsure as to what busking is, simply glance at the photo above.
that’s pretty much it.

why during rush hour? my intelligent reasoning leads me to believe that if i position my guitar-banging, vocally-offensive self in a small space at a time when everyone is in a huge hurry, practically jogging to catch the next train, less passergoers will be inclined to just stop and stare, and truly realize how much of an embarrassment i will surely be making of myself. i am no musician. i’ll be doing this to check it off of some sort of imaginary list that doesn’t even exist. and to have fun because apparently, presenting others with a reason to throw old food at me sounds like fun. and because my father once told me that my repulsive [temporary] cold sore was an ailment worth suffering. [??]

“it builds character,” he would say, but despite the reassurance and his stern medical advice, i would still violently cake foundation around my mouth as though trying to keep the thing from coming alive and devouring the rest of my face. i’m actually in total agreement with his words, but i won’t blame that revelation on a cold sore alone. you will almost never hear me utter the phrase “but what will people think?!” – i’m just not the type to care that much, plus i’m borderline obsessed with having bizarre but true stories to relay to my future offspring, if i end up having them after all. i think i want to, but i also once thought that i had to college to make something of myself – and my opinions about that have drastically changed.

ok, back to busking!

i have always, desperately wanted to be a musician- a real one. i love music and i am deeply attracted to musicians as people but it’s just not going to happen. an endless array of short-lived clarinet, violin, and guitar lessons have finally forced me to accept that. not saying i haven’t played {and sung} in public before. i totally have…

maybe i am a musician . . .
just a largely self-critical one without a good enough singing voice to do much with,

with that said, i began fidgeting with guitars when i was thirteen so some basic understanding of chords and strumming patterns still exists in me, and probably always will. i grew up with a father who would blare classic rock on any extensive or brief car ride, and lament about his regrets in not becoming a rock star, as big as angus or mick. {i’m almost certain he thinks he really could have been..}

when i was a child, music was always an obtainable commodity, in the form of cds, records, music tv, and living people playing actual instruments. maybe it’s a cultural, “american” thing as well.. this rock n’ roll, packing-up-the-guitar-for-the-camping-trip sort of mentality.

i haven’t completely let it go {hence this silly challenge} but a small part of me loathes every speck of dust that i allow to collect on the beautiful mahogany surface of my acoustic guitar. still, i let it collect.

that is, until i go to an acoustic singer-songwriter show that changes my mind about it all over again. then i’ll wipe my pretty guitar clean, tune the strings, and learn a few more songs that i’m only going to forget.

blonde girl and her guitar, pretty mahogany seagull guitar, red seagull, acoustic guitar, reds and whites, my pretty guitar

{the only picture i can find with my gorgeous seagull [a canadian brand] guitar – this photo is at least four years old}

also, for your entertainment and to publicly recognize someone who can sing, and play, and who is generally amazing, here’s a video i personally took, while i was still able to breathe in deep, the sultry smell of the thames. here is busking at it’s finest.

hit the road jack [a cover] by: susana silva
her website.

stay tuned for the completion [hopefully with a video] of my busking challenge.
all in good time.

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