chicago, you are oh so windy

despite my windburns, chicago is breathtaking and enlivening as always.

although modern-day science disproves the concept of “windburn,” my splotchy face retains it’s own opinion on the controversial matter. windburn is much like a sunburn but way less tolerable due to the simple fact that i’m not sprawled out {margarita in hand} on a sunshiny seashore when it happens.

this particular voyage to the windy city was made extra super special because i’ve had a very wonderful person to venture with. three long months ago, i {unwillingly} left this someone behind in london, but we have since done as every pair of star-crossed lovers of times long forgotten has done: innumerable whatsapp messages throughout the day, and a handful of facetime chats every week. all of the late nights and finagling with time zones has been so very worth it because now he is here, with me, in this terribly cold but terribly beautiful part of the united states.

our time is almost guaranteed to run out too quickly.

the windy city, chicago, chi town, illinois, traveling around the midwest, long distance relationship, first time in the united states, beautiful view, downtown chicago, sunrise over chicago, lovely sunrise, view from our hotel

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