the departure of fruits and friend

sometimes, the only person you have to drink sake with is yourself.

sometimes, it’s okay to glance through your window {to the fluttery white world outside} and blow each of the bare trees a kiss. you know that today you aren’t getting dressed for that kind of weather.

there are four bowls of fruit on the stainless steel table in my mother’s kitchen. this is not an organized kitchen and the bowls confuse me with their blatant suggestion towards real organization. one contains nectarines, one has lemons, and the others are a mishmash of random colors and different types of fruit. their future has yet to be known. in this household, we do our absolute best to use all of the fresh produce before it eventually succumbs to rot. however, our “absolute best” is still pretty terrible, and i have thrown more than one moldy avocado to the onlooking animalia outdoors. luckily for us and most likely because of us, there are plenty of critters lurking around the area to scrounge up old leftovers. 

crossing paths, the unknown, animalia, tracks in the snow, wintertime, what is this creature, definitely a bird, squirrel, raccoon, possum, who knows

{what is this creature? bird: check. but the other one? could it be a squirrel?}

i went out last night, to celebrate the going away of a close friend who currently lives in my hometown but will soon be joining the cool kids of chicago. he’s a cool kid, and i will miss him a lot and often. despite everyone’s honest intentions to spend the entire night in celebratory fashion, the large group of both friends and acquaintances eventually melted away, dripping into bits and pieces of separate activities and separate bars. said cause for celebration was already asleep on an ocean-blue corduroy couch when i bid him farewell. i then snapped a photo of the local cat, slipped out the door, slowly sipped on some bourbon from the supply of someone sitting outside, and ventured to a divey bar down the street. i didn’t choose this bar, per se.
rather, the lack of options in my small town pushed me to it’s selection.

but, it all ended well.
at least, it could’ve ended much worse.

when it comes to my brand new coat and someone else’s beer,
there’s nothing that a little dry-cleaning can’t fix.

black and white cat, turning a corner, my friend on the couch, snoozing, checking out the situation, feline, surveillance, sleepyhead

{my departing friend snoozes in the background,
whilst resident cat surveils the situation.}

i’m going to miss him.

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