morning eyes

today’s listenings:
ray lamontagne {artist}
gossip in the grain {album}

with slightly more than a handful of days left in america, i feel myself looking a little closer and for a little longer at the wonderful parts of the life that i’ve built / maintained here in my hometown. it’s certainly not a bad life, or even a dull one for that matter.

however, my addictions are foreign languages and brief yet significant human encounters {easily found in hostels and couchsurfing events}. quite simply, i am the best version of myself when catching a train in turin, scouring the abandoned, war-torn buildings of budapest, and salsa dancing with strangers in london. for me the most uplifting and tragic by-products of traveling alone are one and the same. the alone-liness of it all saturates me with the kind of bravery and fearlessness i often only read about in books, and likewise leaves me with the impossible task of comprehensively describing my experiences to anyone who was not a part of my travels . . . everyone.

{my defining moments have not been so easy to define after all.}

for now, i’ll be taking my time with the goodbyes, acknowledging first the aesthetic details of everything i know home to be. i certainly won’t have the strength to hug any loved ones goodbye without a prior letting go of the tiniest facets of my current perspective.

::here are a few of those tiny facets::
taken today. while the sun was still rising.


growth, spring, red sprouts, earth, favorite time of the year, midwest america, saying goodbye, the ladys guide to adventure, rosalie melin, gardening, annuals, beautiful plant

walking in the sunlight, spring day, warm day, sunshine, little snail, moving slow, leaving a trail, tiny creature, look out below, sticky substances, spirals, good morning, the ladys guide to adventure

tulip in the cold, yellow tulip, budding plant, springtime, best time of the year, my lovely morning, the ladys guide to adventure, gardening

natural colors, moss, growing north, the ladys guide to adventure, sunrise, springtime

temperature reader, dials, barbecue, grown in, wild things, mother nature, growth, springtime, sunrise, the ladys guide to adventure

oats, oatmeal, glass container, breakfast, organization in the kitchen, sunlight, natural light, healthy eating, the ladys guide to adventure

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