feeding time – a tarantula and her prey

as i prepare to go mushroom-hunting on this cool, dewy day, i thought it might be nice to capture an event that is all-too-common for me and perhaps rare for many, many others:

feeding time.

i have had a chilean rose hair tarantula for nearly seven years. they are beautiful creatures and quite easy to care for. i knew nothing of tarantula molts or itchy defense mechanisms until i got her, and i am still fascinated by the way their fuzzy legs slink about. i am awed by a tarantula’s fragility.

tarantulas and araneomorphae alike are highly misunderstood animals.
to this day, if i were to put her in my hand or on my leg, it would only be a matter of time until she warmed up a bit, literally. upon the return to her webbed lair, she actually exhibits signs that she’d much rather continue to remain with me, on my skin. i assume this is entirely due to her liking my emission of body heat, and not so much to do with arachnid love, however, i will take what i can get.

how many people can say they’ve had the wonderful opportunity to feel fondness from a creature who lacks the capacity to feel any such fondness itself?
or perhaps there’s more to them than meets the probing, critical eye.
i would like to think so.


with that, this is chupacabra, and this is lunchtime in the rosalie melin household.
pardon the dark nature of the short clip,
i thought the background tune was quite fitting . . .

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