there and back again – again

it’s past midnight in london. i have returned from a two-week long pilgrimage to my hometown in indiana. 

despite the sounds of sleep all around me, not a bit of me is ready for bed. i’m not sure if i owe my restlessness to the difficulty of switching time zones or to the twenty-four hour coma i instantly entered upon arriving home

this trip was one for the record books. the ups were as wonderful as the downs were despairing – but i am a better person for having lived through it all. i already miss my family. i miss the smell of my old home, the glimpse of my old things, and the sound of my three month old baby brother gurgling and gooing in his strange baby language. his is the most sensational foreign language i have heard in a very long time. 

my only goal at present is to shake off the clingy depression that slowly attaches itself to my heart on the flight over the ocean. it is a very big ocean, and home is very far away. now is a time for sleep, for rescuing my droopy, forlorn plants, and for making myself remember why i’m so in love with my chosen home in the uk.

thank god for technology, because there is no way i can go very long without seeing this precious face…


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