a surprising sunburn

did you know that aloe vera plants can get sunburnt?

aloe vera, gardening, the lady's guide to adventure, sunburned, sunburnt plant, yellow pot, succulent, life in london, learning every day, stones, aloe, natural healing, health, brown leaves, turning greener

{ still recovering but she is a million times better than before. }

isn’t it incredible that a plant that cures sunburn can be sunburned itself? anyway, just two days ago, my aloe plant was looking more like this guy…

burnt aloe, aloe vera, gardening, from seeds to a little garden, london, sunburnt, brown leaves, aloe with brown leaves, poor little aloe

{ borrowed from http://myseedsowing.blogspot.co.uk – – – you can see the huge difference in the before & after photos! }

after being moved, she is much appreciative of her sun-diffused spot by my kitchen window. (as opposed to the bright and sunny window ledge in my bedroom.)

i was surprised that a desert plant such as my aloe vera doesn’t actually do well in direct sunlight. but, i am even more surprised by how quickly they adapt, and heal, and grow. now if i can only figure out what on earth is wrong with my little cactus below . . .

little cactus, brown spots on cactus, gardening, sick plants, cacti, living in london, an american in london, the lady's guide to adventure, figuring it all out, do you know what's wrong, stones

{ discolored and splotchy, with brown and green bits. do you know what’s going on? }

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