i’ve got this friend who inspires me.

from my own personal experience, the establishment and development of friendships is not easily accomplished in a city like london. the bridge between ‘let’s go dancing sometime this month’ casual acquaintance and let’s exercise in front of each other and share our intimate moments, insecurities, and dreams together can be a difficult bridge to acknowledge and cross.

but when you do it {and you both have to make that happen} the rewards are immeasurable. it’s the desire to call my mother and proclaim “mom, i’ve made a new friend!”

the innate need to form connections with other people is an important part of our humanity – whether you are a child and it’s your first day of primary school or if you are a grown woman living in a big, bright city, looking for someone to share your experiences with.

i have spent the last day with the kind of friend i am writing about now, and this post is just a tiny glimpse into some of the details of her life – the bits and pieces that surround her and that i feel add to her overall beauty as a person.


 orange fish, art supplies, she is an artist, handmade fish, collection, ruta, eating the lady's head
her bedroom, art and design, beautiful photos, growing collection, ruta, wall collage, decorating your life, little details, living in london, black and white, flannel  art collection, magazine cutouts, post cards, drawings, organic gathering, beautiful images, nudity, a woman and bees, bumble bees, oriental print, loveliness
orange backpack, burnt orange, so many colors, beautiful, floral pattern, pretty wallpaper, design, floral wallpaper, pillow from vietnam  collection of stones, seashells, natural objects, turtle carving, ruta's room, pretty things, just a glimpse
tortoise, pets in london, little turtle, rosemary branch, garden, beautiful creature, tortoise in london, breakfast with a turtle  portfolio, ruta's hands, art collection, post cards and prints, handmade gifts, london, beautiful things
beautiful girl, london girl, city style, lithuanian lady, red lipstick, blonde hair, ruta, gorgeous woman, model, loveliness {final photograph by orsolya karancz – link to website}



not to be overly sappy, but thank you, ruta… for crossing that bridge with me.


and waterloo bridge, and tower bridge, and millenium bridge, and all of the other thames bridges.






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