pack lightly

beginning with rumi…

out beyond ideas
of wrongdoing and rightdoing
there is a field.


meet me there.


i have been going through my things and making piles of what i don’t need, to be given away or sold. i am intrigued that as soon as i place something in a pile, my connection to it completely dissipates. my mind may have been totally at war over whether or not to hold onto something sentimental, but as soon as said item touches “the pile” a switch flips and in the pile it happily remains.
it feels good to let things go.

i am…
minimising and saving money. [finding it difficult to do either but planning something big]
latin dancing once a week. [moving my muscles, meeting lovely people]
eating lightly, drinking water. [waking up hungry, staying hydrated]
enjoying the cooler temperatures. [hat weather]
checking my inbox. [anxiously awaiting something else big to come to fruition]
healing and discussing. [necessary after an election that has saddened the world]
burning incense. [boosts creativity, makes me happy]
garden(build)ing. [starting the day with soil, therapeutic]
counting down the days. [oh the excitement of world exploration]

… i find myself thinking about the past and future quite a lot, to a point where i am confusing what is ahead of me and what is behind. the problem with beautiful memories is that sometimes you ache to return to the time whilst you were making them…

in other news… cuba. havana.
in exactly one month, i will be on my way to a destination that i have been longing to visit. the music. the colours. every photograph of cuba that i have ever seen has made me want to teleport into the photograph, to smell and hear and breathe what the photographer was smelling and hearing and breathing.

people have been asking me how i will go to cuba, due to my american nationality and the restrictions in place on visiting the country. a lot has changed since the president lifted the trade embargo on cuba. i am not exactly sure what to expect but i will be going to the cuban embassy in the coming week to enquire about the “tourist card” available for purchase. i have also been taking the advice of my traveller friends and using this article as a sort of guide.

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the three things that i have learned to do while traveling.

  1. pack lightly 
    be smart about what you pack: watch instructional travel-related youtube videos, put liquids in small containers, plan on replacing some showers with feminine hygiene wipes, do not bring heels, mix-n-match-clothing works best with at least one pair of trousers, bring items which are light and do not take up much space, wear your heaviest things to the airport, hand wash and hang clothes to dry when you need them
  2. be flexible
    research an area but leave a little bit up to fate. if you engage with locals, then take their advice. if you’re advised to figure out accommodation after you’ve gotten somewhere, then don’t be afraid of showing up without concrete plans. if a local has agreed to show you their city, let them 🙂
    which brings me to…
  3. trust people
    what is the point of traveling if you don’t meet the locals and learn about the culture? it’s important to use common sense and to always be wary of your surroundings. with that said, don’t be afraid to trust people. use couchsurfing, talk to strangers, learn the language. if you haven’t left a place having made a friend, then it’s like you haven’t been there at all. such a beautiful part of life – finding out more about yourself by getting to know someone else.


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