gonna go see the world

i think that i will write again today, so that not all of my posts are gushing with heavy speculations and pent up reflections of life. at least, it seems like they all have been to me.


darth vader, overlooking my room, decorations, found in a bar, where did you come from, star wars, little sith lord

swooped vader off the floor of the salsa bar a couple weeks back. now he has a corner, and presides over his new domain with gusto.
i have bits and pieces like him scattered all over the place, findings that need to be added to my treasure box of little lost objects.


latte art, coffee, notes coffee, coffee in london, foamy heart, bubbles, maltby street market, painting with steamed milk, it really is an art, wooden table, coffee cart, trader life, foamy concoction, craft coffee

just starting to nail this latte art thing but my days at the market have pretty much ended, and i am about to move on to big, big things…… jet plane things and an uprise in my vitamin c intake and a sleep schedule that is anything but steady or predictable.

in the next couple weeks, i’ll be beginning my training with british airways, as a member of cabin crew mixed fleet, based out of heathrow. i have been waiting for this extraordinary opportunity since july 2016, and to say i’m ready would have to be the biggest understatement of my entre life.
but i’ll say it again…

i’m ready.
i’m ready.
i’m ready.

updates to follow. 



{featured photo borrowed from aviation photographer, akbarali mastan}

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