what is “day”

cabin crew life has arrived.
more cloud formations than i can count or hope to remember,
the loss and gain of sunlight, hours, time or any normal perception of what the word “day” even means anymore.
i consciously bid farewell to my circadian rhythm long ago, and have become an expert in the art of power napping and powering through.
check, and check.

instead of making use of this blog and engaging with my many followers {inward chuckle} i have instead been making notes of my distant adventures the old-fashioned way – in and around lines on paper, and with a pen.

paltokitap, journaling, pen and paper, p'lto,hepimiz gogol'ün paltosundan çıktık, nikolai gogol, red and white, always with me, literature, tea, books, reading, writing, documenting travels, and a laptop

suppose i’ve also taken some photos along the way, but the intent for the majority of them has been private reflection at a later date… and retention. i can’t imagine forgetting the little details of my travels because it’s the little details that i love so much about the places i’ve been.
little things like the differing humidity levels, the condiments and “what is for breakfast?”, the sounds of local languages rolling off tongues, and plant and animal life especially.

oh, foliage… always seducing me into a state of childlike wonder.

if someone had only recorded my internal and somewhat external breakdown at changi airport, in singapore, touching all of the plants fastened onto the pretty painted walls, to see if they were real. you’d think i’d lost my mind upon arrival.

and they were all very real – it felt like the entire city-state was breathing underneath my feet as i explored singapore’s fascinating corners.

singapore, tropical flowers, tropical plants, flora in asia, ixora javanica, cluster of peach flowers, little bursts, colourful blooms, streets of singapore, peach petals

{ genus: ixora / species: you tell me }

continent count.
1. americas
2. europe
3. africa
4. asia
5. australia

nothing so spectacular in the numbers as a 24-hour layover in sydney hardly counts as “discovery” of a continent, but hopefully that layover is just the beginning of my time in kangaroo country.

individual, city-specific blog posts to come. 🌿

pink tones, cabin crew, travelling, snowflakes on the glass, airplane window, marshmallow sky, pink clouds, sky photography, layover life, sunsets and sunrises, fluffy clouds, imperfections


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