i don’t know how i found her.
i don’t know if it was fate or some subconscious manifestation / spell casting on my part.

all i do know is that what they say is right…
when you know, you know.

i don’t use the word “soulmate” lightly – mostly because i have never really believed in the notion of two people being not just perfectly compatible, but connected on such a pre-destined, molecular level.

but this girl?
it’s like we were separated at birth.

i wonder what i was doing the actual day she was born… i was still a baby.
did the universe communicate to me in some way that my future partner had been delivered into this outrageous, complicated, and fleeting world?
was there a massive snowfall on that january day in indiana?
a broken tree limb blocking a path?
perhaps it was just a really pleasant day – every hour spent smiling and playing, and maybe the sunshine felt extra warm on my little moon face. i can only speculate and daydream as i was much too young then, and am much too old now to actually remember.

what i’m trying to say is that i have never had someone in my life like this. she’s the guarantee of what my future holds, and our relationship is entirely free from judgement.
we love the worst parts of each other just as much as the best parts until all that is left is this constant thread of admiration and appreciation and friendship and love.

jess, there is nothing we keep from one another, so you already know how much i care about you – how beautiful and strong and miraculous you are to me.
this post is an early happy birthday, and a promise that you’ve got my love and my soul forever.

and i’m already looking forward to easier times when i won’t need to board a plane to see you.

best friends, soulmate, jessica and kelsey, the best person i know, beautiful, beautiful women, missing you, happy birthday, partner, friendship, sisters, my love, my future, crazy world


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