the end of days

sinking into self isolation like
sap drips
finding cracks and filling them
unwinding in my home and living in it
searching for soft spots and settling into them

candle, lighting a candle, self isolation, fire, spells, witchcraft, solitude, coronavirus, covid-19, flame, stuck in my house, making it cosy, flickering lights

waiting is a game i try not to play – too many years of it left me with a dash of anxiety and a sprinkling of strange physical ailments which i’m still trying to sort out.
but now here i am… waiting for any kind of contact from my employer to let me know if i’m going to have a job post covid-19.

(are the clouds going to welcome me back when the smoke clears?)

cabin crew is not just a job to me, it’s a dream. it’s “the thing i would do for free” in that hypothetical question we get asked from time to time. at the very least, i wasn’t planning on walking away from aviation any time soon.

the sense of adventure i get from nearly every flight is always worth the sleepless nights, the cold galleys, and the vomit. all of the vomit.
after two and a half years of flying, even the hotels feel like a second home.

anyway, my next scheduled trip (to buenos aires) is meant to be in four days.
i suppose i’ll cross my fingers and see how the weekend goes.


futurama, scared, coronavirus, pandemic, covid-19, lockdown, borders closed, economy crashing, chaos, joy, celebration, self isolation, quarantine, meme, corona meme


random observations. in the time of corona

1. sexual activities – will phone sex be making a comeback? does masturbation really boost your immune system?

2. assuming that mandatory self isolation continues indefinitely, how long will it take for people to legitimately start losing their minds? i’m predicting long, rambling video posts – your friends and family talking to the camera about nothing and everything just to pass the time. i also predict a breakdown of some of our insecurities in the wake of not giving a shit because a flu-like virus has disrupted all of societal life as we know it

3. will our creativity flourish in these captivating times? i hope so

4. will i continue to write blog posts? i hope so

5. how many books will i read whilst social distancing myself?

6. lastly, just a public service announcement…

there are no millennials partying on florida’s beaches.
i don’t know what generation that is, but millennials don’t go on spring break anymore. they are too busy keeping houseplants and children alive, crying over residual student loan debt, and figuring out how to pay their bills in light of the pandemic. stop lambasting us x

One thought on “the end of days

  1. Beautifully written blog!! These sure are different times. Lots of time to keep writing! Be safe! I miss you, endlessly! I love you!❤

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