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i am rosalie melin.
i have been blogging in one way or another since i was eleven years old.
a few years ago, i decided to create an online space where i could capture and preserve some of the little moments, major events, and curiosities of my life.
so became:
the lady’s guide to adventure.
i knew when i constructed my first post that this project was not going to be easy. over time, i have acknowledged my terrible habit of not following through.

in a way, this blog is as much for me as it is for my readers, a testament that you really can accomplish the things you set out to do. i’m ready to not only revel in my strange existence on the planet, but document it as well.

if you follow me, then you are living my life with me – my failures, my successes, my travels, my projects, my thoughts, goals i will make, and goals i never knew i had.

i hope to inspire or perhaps simply entertain you,
but what you should know is that this blog is
entirely. me.


4 thoughts on “about

  1. Hi, Do you mind if I use content from your “Lady’s guide to adventure” on our website? I just Tweeted about it from our @WWOOFUK. Well done. I remember visiting Hackney City farm about 10 years ago and was so inspired…. It probably was a cause of my then leaving the city and living in ‘the sticks’ ever since!

    • hello mike!
      yes, of course that is fine with me! if it wasn’t for my move to the uk, i may have never even discovered the exciting world of wwoofing. i’m glad you love hackney city farm as much as i do! it’s great that there are opportunities to learn about farming in such a large city as london. not to mention, i grew up in ‘the sticks’ so the day will come when i want to return ๐Ÿ™‚

      rosalie melin

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