a smile short of laughing

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if i am ever to break my first bone or succumb to some final destination approved death by plummeting through a glass window, today will be that day. on this shifty ladder. over my disgust towards the current drapery. … it’s got to go. _ … Continue reading

where i need to be

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bagpipes are blaring out my window. burns night is here and they are celebrating with a full band and street food nearby. i celebrated burns night last year and mentioned a bit about it in this post dedicated to pancake day. sometimes, everything … Continue reading

to leave or remain

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last night’s storm was shattering. windows rattled and rain poured through my open window onto the floor below. i love the sound of water drops tap tapping, and it was too balmy to close the window even if i had … Continue reading

smallholdings – my feathered future

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when searching the term “smallholding” on the internet, you come across these types of images:    basically, smallholding is homesteading is sustained living is getting back to the basics and feeding your family with the {pun intended} fruits of your … Continue reading


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it has been much too long since i have written anything. when i began writing this, i was in rome {italy}, posted up in the best coffee shop i had found in the city – barnum cafe. are you in … Continue reading

morning eyes

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today’s listenings: ray lamontagne {artist} gossip in the grain {album} with slightly more than a handful of days left in america, i feel myself looking a little closer and for a little longer at the wonderful parts of the life that … Continue reading

matthias, my first love. remembering redwall.

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“Brian Jacques, author of Redwall (1987) and some 20 sequels, died at the age of 71 on Sat., Feb. 5, 2011. His books have sold in the tens of millions and have touched adventure-loving kids all over the world. His … Continue reading

a glimpse of a year

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i won’t be having the perfect new year’s. i’ll be coming straight from work to a local greek restaurant where my family and a band will be waiting, to bid the old year goodbye. most likely, i’ll slip on my … Continue reading

2014 world cup draw

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never having been much of a sports fan, when i was introduced to football [soccer] a few years ago, it was quite odd that i felt so drawn to the game. i adore the movement on the field, the players’ … Continue reading

quick to arrive, anxious to depart

how do i summarize a month of my life in one blog post?
especially when that month has been one of the most sublimely altering patches of my existence?

where do i even begin?

with the people i met? maybe the places i went?

…or with what i am attempting to accomplish at present.
yes, let’s begin there.

October 22, 2013, 8:14 AM (GMT time)
“Congratulations- I am pleased to inform you
that you have been offered a place at City and Islington College!”

*deep breath*
i have never wanted something more than i want this. i have never felt so … utterly enveloped in a fearless sort of freedom. on the 5th of november {remember, remember..} i boarded a plane destined for chicago, and then- to my hometown in southern indiana. that flight, and the hours spent waiting, was one of the most heart-wrenching flights that i will ever endure, i am sure of it. when you find something you want, someone you treasure, or somewhere you adore,
the most difficult thing in the world is letting go.

what i am attempting to do at present [borrow thousands of dollars in loans, obtain a student visa, and move four thousand miles from home] is both an incredible feat- a determiner of my perseverance and skills- and the craziest idea my brain has ever spat up. and i plan on doing it all in less than two months.

wish me luck, lest i lose my mind in the waiting game process.

with all that is yet to come, with the doubts that i have crammed into the dark recesses of my consciousness, i just have a feeling that good news is on the horizon, the same horizon that hits london six hours before illuminating my very own back yard.
for now, i won’t let go of that feeling.