as far as weekends go

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i haven’t decided if i regret inviting the neighborhood pigeons to feast on my balcony. they came, they conquered, and my bird feeder was violated in such a way that it surely suffers from ptsd. it probably dreams of light sparrow pecks … Continue reading

recommended daily guidelines – part one – the decision

following a conversation with my father about nutrition and recommended daily guidelines, i am documenting my food intake for the day. just today, because this scribble scrabbling takes way more time than i thought it would.

solely based on my findings post-breakfast, i’d like to formally warn all nuts and seeds within a mile of my house to proceed with caution.

i am your enemy.


feeding time – a tarantula and her prey

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as i prepare to go mushroom-hunting on this cool, dewy day, i thought it might be nice to capture an event that is all-too-common for me and perhaps rare for many, many others: feeding time. i have had a chilean … Continue reading

turn on, tune in, drop off

it’s cold outside. i know this because my hands feel like ice, even if my core is burning from the walk here. here? just a bus stop, one like many others. but, today is different. in five minutes time, i … Continue reading

just go with it

this past sunday and monday was the notting hill carnival. it was raunchy, loud, a tiny bit filthy and absolutely amazing. the carnival is a celebration of caribbean culture, food, and music. i spent the first three-ish hours totally alone. … Continue reading

soaring temperatures – day 2

where is a suitable body of water for me to swim / float / melt in? today has been one big slushy blur. it must be the soaring temperatures. my inner car booting bargain-goddess abandoned me in the [literal] heat … Continue reading

chocolate-covered strawberries for breakfast

a huge part of finding out what you like is finding out what you don’t like. i have to be honest with you and with myself- my last post was a how to.. more specifically, a how to throw a baby shower on a budget. and while i am enjoying the real-life process of helping my friend to throw her baby shower, “how to” blogging is, quite simply, not. for. me.
and that is more than okay. just because i am obsessed with recipe and how to blogs, doesn’t mean that i should offer the same sort of creative stimulation to my followers. which.. i have none. but i will soon enough! especially after the fantastical (and secret) adventure i am planning on thursday.. muah ha ha! but enough about all that.

chocolate covered strawberries, shari's berries,

delivered to my very own front door, the white chocolate was my favorite by far!

did you know?
… did you know that when facebook recommends “giving someone a gift,” they actually mean a literal present?? i suppose i could have figured that out without having gotten one myself but as of a week ago, i have officially given and gotten one both.
although it is essentially another way for facebook to make money, actually receiving a gift [and online card] as a facebook notification, is a lot of fun! it caught me quite off guard when christopher purchased chocolate-covered strawberries {shari’s berries} and, with the help of facebook, had them sent right to my door! he could have easily done this without getting facebook involved but you never expect that one of your everyday notifications is actually a box of delicious chocolate-covered strawberries! plus, i can go back whenever i want and read the sweet note he wrote to me when he sent me the gift.

in turn, this unique gifting option helped me out tremendously when one of my closest friends had her birthday a few days after my strawberries were put in the mail for me. what did i decide to get her? (that is another cool thing- there are so many options to choose from)
but, of course, i went with this one . . .

grassland kit from facebook gifting center

if you know kristin, this was a no brainer!

here are a few pictures taken when i received my shari’s berries!

pretty turtle change dish, shari's berries, facebook gift

my turtle dish was just as excited as i was!

and now to make your mouth water . . .

from facebook gift, chocolate covered strawberries

thank you, boyfriend.
thank you, facebook.

lesson learned?
do not count on me for “how to” posts,
do count on me for scrumptious pictures of delicious food!