quick to arrive, anxious to depart

how do i summarize a month of my life in one blog post?
especially when that month has been one of the most sublimely altering patches of my existence?

where do i even begin?

with the people i met? maybe the places i went?

…or with what i am attempting to accomplish at present.
yes, let’s begin there.

October 22, 2013, 8:14 AM (GMT time)
“Congratulations- I am pleased to inform you
that you have been offered a place at City and Islington College!”

*deep breath*
i have never wanted something more than i want this. i have never felt so … utterly enveloped in a fearless sort of freedom. on the 5th of november {remember, remember..} i boarded a plane destined for chicago, and then- to my hometown in southern indiana. that flight, and the hours spent waiting, was one of the most heart-wrenching flights that i will ever endure, i am sure of it. when you find something you want, someone you treasure, or somewhere you adore,
the most difficult thing in the world is letting go.

what i am attempting to do at present [borrow thousands of dollars in loans, obtain a student visa, and move four thousand miles from home] is both an incredible feat- a determiner of my perseverance and skills- and the craziest idea my brain has ever spat up. and i plan on doing it all in less than two months.

wish me luck, lest i lose my mind in the waiting game process.

with all that is yet to come, with the doubts that i have crammed into the dark recesses of my consciousness, i just have a feeling that good news is on the horizon, the same horizon that hits london six hours before illuminating my very own back yard.
for now, i won’t let go of that feeling.