a type of way

“i love you in the morning when the blood runs to your cheeks.
babe, you were the first thing and the last thing that i’d see.
i was just a boy, striking matches upon your heart –
i couldn’t get no sparks.”

i’m feeling a certain type of way so i’m just going to write and see what comes out in my current state. i wish i could write explicitly. i wish i could divulge some of the most personal parts of my life… the heartbreaks, my truest feelings and judgements about society and how utterly ridiculous all of it is to me.

it’s easy to share moments of joy and introspection and success, but what about when you feel withdrawn. or let down. or misjudged. or tired of seeing so much bullshit that everyone else just seems totally oblivious to.
look, i’m already going too far.



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