we are not special

just taking a moment to allow myself to slip into the realm of “knowing” – that it’s too late.
that our already short lives have been shortened even more.
that suffering, untold & unimagined, exists here and will never be eradicated.
that humanity is a failure of massive proportions, and that we are all weak and full of trauma and selfishness.
borderline evil if you ask me.

and i’m supposed to care?
we are meant to have hope?

hope is an illusion, for there is nothing else to hope for that does not already exist here in this haunted place that we call home.

kelsey howlett, rosaliemelin, hopelessness, no time left, the matrix, evil, suffering, humanity, failure, dread, knowing, everyone is a robot, eggshells, no time left, climate change, meaningless, haunted
26th september 2020

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